At  the beginning of this writing I am in my mid-seventies. The years have flown by, and there is a great amount of information and learning I feel committed to pass on to my family, friends, and those on a spiritual path, or not, who might benefit from some of my experience.
First, my family, my children in particular, might benefit from knowing why I made some of the decisions I did along the way, and what my Life Path may pass on to them.
Second, some readers may benefit from an overview of a life full of “near successes”, and why I now see them as a progression of Life lessons, designed to put me exactly where I am supposed to be. Like a “view from a bridge” retrospective.
Third, I have come to know we are all on a spiritual journey, many far ahead of me, many behind me, and some at just the right place in their lives where they can benefit from what I have been taught – from what I am obligated to pass along, as my teachers have passed along to me.
Writing such a tome is a real challenge to me for many reasons, one being that I have never been much of a journal writer, like my darling wife Peggy has always been. Therefore, I am left in large part to my memory, which changes with time, with new experiences and with new perspectives. To those of you who feel I’ve got some things wrong, my apologies.

My strength and confirmation comes, however, from my wife, Soulmate and teacher, Peggy, who has been with me through the last half of my life, and who has actually shared all of my major spiritual lessons almost since their beginning.

I must say that while I have read many books, I am more an experiencer, than a reader as you will see. In the realm of Spirituality & Metaphysics, I would be understating, if I claimed to have read 1/20th of the books Peggy has. If it is out there, chances are she has read it and remembers it. From “The Book of Mormon”, to Zechariah Sitchin’s “The Twelfth Planet”, to “Biography of a Yogi”, she has read them and literally hundreds of others. That includes probably 100 or more books on Astrology alone.

In addition to being one of my great teachers and a walking encyclopedia of all the right information at the right time, she has been a major counselor and adviser to our family and friends. Most of all, she has been a shining example of all that is right and kind and loving and fair in this life. I couldn’t have accomplished all the learning I hope to pass on here, without my Peggy by my side, as you will come to see.

There are almost 7 Billion lives on this small planet, and I have learned that each life, each soul, has a purpose and path to learn and grow. We are all heading to the same place, and there are as many paths to that place as there are people. If I can in some way pass on some piece of knowledge that helps someone else find another piece of their puzzle, or to find some peace, this effort will have been worth it.