Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In 1676 Isaac Newton said in a letter, ” If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. No truer words were ever spoken, but that concept goes back to Greek Mythology and possibly earlier. Actually, we could barely write a sentence that in some way did not relate to knowledge given to us by someone else.
Do we always reference Shakespeare, or the Bible,or a Professor’s concept when we write a thought to share with others? As I am in my 70’s, I couldn’t possibly remember where every concept I have came from, or which exactly is mine, or someone else’s, or a combination of many.  So must I reference every book I’ve ever read, and every class I’ve ever attended, if I write any thought I might have?  Or, should I not share my thoughts and experiences at all for fear of missing a reference?

Certainly, if I am using specific materials from someone else, I will give credit. That’s honesty and fair play. But with 6+ Billion people on the planet, it is possible that several people may have the same idea at the same time.
So I must say at this time, that a great percentage of the thoughts and ideas that reside in my brain have come from others. I will of course make comments that are attributable to others, and I may not reference many of them, as I would have so much to research to do, this piece would never be written.

I have no intention to plagiarize any one or any idea, in that my objective here is not to show how great I am . I am only a Vehicle for information that may be of some value to others. Even my very personal experiences shared here came from elsewhere. If the reader finds something they feel must be acknowledged as from another source, then feel free to let me know, and I will attempt to remedy that. Otherwise, please accept this writing as an individual collection of knowledge gained during my life and shared so that others might benefit from it.

I have literally thousands of teachers I should acknowledge here, from my wife Peggy, to high school and college teachers, to authors, to my children and family, to friends, and to folks I have met in passing, throughout my life. Everyone has an individual library of experience and knowledge gained. I have learned from so many, and it never ends. Thank you to everyone who has passed through my life, in person, through books or in any other way. This is as much your story as it is mine.


Lyall Watson: Supernature; Copyright 1973 by Lyall Watson; Coronet Books, London


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