Suppose you had a slave from another country, and every day you degraded him , threatened him, sometimes beat him, sometimes gave him barely enough to eat….. And then one day he was freed by his fellow countrymen. He found a wife , started a business in competition with yours . His family lived on less, three families to a house, saved every penny they could, under bid you on every job, until your business went under. In time he came to own your business by pricing competitively, grew his business. It’s called Capitalism. You had no income and gradually began to run out of money for your family. Meanwhile he and his countrymen came to power. They now ruled.

You had no choice but to ask him for a job…….how would you expect him to treat you?

The Hispanic community is growing rapidly in this country, and in the not too distant future will be the majority. In my experience, the vast majority of them are hard working, frugal, and have strong family ties and values. And most of all they have PATIENCE.
Anglos for the most part degrade them, take advantage of them, split up their families, devalue their rights as fellow humans……
When they take the majority, how will you expect them to treat you and your family, your children?… Like Anglos treat them?…. Like Anglos treated the Native Americans? ……
Our Common Bible says…. Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You……    Like the 10 Commandments….. It’s just Common Sense.

……….. Just Sayin………..