What’s This All About ?

In my first experience as a blogger, I want to share what I’ve learned over 70+ years, what I think I’ve learned, some very interesting concepts, and maybe open up some hopefully intelligent discussions on a variety of things about this Life we’re in.

When I say discussions, I mean collecting some varied thoughts from you on different topics, but NOT hateful arguments.  We all see things from different perspectives based on varied experiences, so our opinions are molded by so many different things.

That’s great for me because I never want to stop learning, and I do that by getting information I don’t already have.  Hopefully, sharing some knowledge I’ve gained will add to someone else’s stockpile of information and knowledge.  To get more knowledge, I have to utilize the knowledge base I already have.  In my opinion, not using and acting on the knowledge I have been given is a Spiritual mistake of great proportion.  I always benefit greatly from the knowledge, beliefs, and questions of others.  I ask, then, that you share anything relevant to what I am posting, as long as it is in a positive demeanor.  I don’t need you to call me an idiot, as I’ve already done that so many times in my life.

Yes, I did say Spiritual, because this Life has been a real trip, being dragged from a strict Mr. Science, kicking and screaming into another world I had only sensed inside me at some points in my life.  When I was young, I had all the answers, but now in my 70’s , I’m not sure I even know what the questions are. I can tell you with all the honesty I can muster that the Spiritual experiences I am about to relate here seemed more real to me than sitting in this chair does.  And, I have some unarguable proofs, that they have been real, as you will see as we travel on together.

I am sitting at my laptop right now typing this, but when you think about it, I could be in an asylum, staring at a blank wall, or lost in the “Matrix” somewhere.  I honestly don’t think so.  There is a logic to the lessons I’ve been given, which I hope you will see, including information, not about magic, but about how the mind and our Universe works.  And, I am 99% sure, if you follow along, these “lessons” can make your life more enjoyable, more happy, more meaningful if you use them.

I am, after all, only the messenger, and not initially by choice.  I am pushed (?) to share what I’ve been given so that others may benefit, even if “they” come and take me to the bin as my reward.

If you are new to this blog, make note that the sequence of my blogs runs from bottom, first, to top, last.  Hopefully I’ll have a logical sequence to my blogs so they build a foundation for the following stuff, but it’s hard to know where or how to begin, relating to so many areas.  So if you haven’t already, please read from the bottom up. It’ll make more sense.  Also, take a look at my About, Credits and Intro at the top of the page.

If you have some things to share I’ll love it. If you have constructive criticism, I’ll appreciate it.  If you want to be nasty, don’t waste your time, as no one will see it, because negativity doesn’t fit my vision. So let’s start (or  continue) this trip and see what happens.  And please remember I’m new at this, and :


The Mission is Unconditional Love.


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