Why Do Bad Things Happen – Part 2

Why Do Bad Things Happen?       (1st post)
Life is full of polarities: light and dark; night and day; health and illness; wealth and poverty; joy and sorrow, and all of the shades in between. If you eat gourmet meals all your life, you will never know what a good meal is. You have to eat some lousy meals to know what a good meal can be. In order to make a value judgement, you have to have something to judge against.

By design, Life is learning and growth.

Why Do Bad Things Happen – Part 2

My Granddaughter Mackenzie wrote a beautiful, heartfelt, FaceBook  post on Suicide Prevention Week. This is my answer, as Life pushes my Blogging forward.

The “System” if you will, ( so’s not to offend the Evangelical Atheists) …the”System” seems to test you based on your ability to handle the 3 Tons of horse manure dumped on you right now, knowing that sooner or later you’ll dig out of it and come out the other side a spiritually stronger soul who can then empathize with others coming along a similar learning path, and help them to learn and grow as you have. Do you really think, if you had just cruised through high school without a care in the world, you would have any of the depth of feeling or empathy that you have now?

You can help with your beautiful heart through your talent for writing, through your talent and “feel” in your music. You are learning and growing, and by doing things like your caring Facebook post on Suicide Prevention Week,  you can be, and you are :” A Bridge Over Troubled Water“.
I Love You So Much Mackenzie!
Yer Grandpa Tom


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