Are We An Illusion?

The Science of -” Life by Design”

World famous, zoologist/biologist, and former Director of the London zoo , Lyall Watson, says in his book, Supernature, “Life is energy organized from chaos.”

If you take an Atom and blow it up to the size of a Football stadium, The nucleus, which contains 99.999% of the matter therein, would be a speck on the 50 yard line. The rest would just be empty space with some electrons dancing on the periphery. So if you asked any physicists, they would agree that an Atom is 99.9999% empty space.

“A neutron star results from the collapse of a massive star after a supernova.” (Wikipedia). The empty space has been squeezed out of its atoms, leaving a core of compacted neutrons with the electrons blasted off during the supernova explosion.

Wikipedia says: “A normal size match box containing neutron star material would have a mass of approximately 5,000,000,000,000 tons.” (5 Trillion tons) I have read estimates that two heaping tablespoons of a neutron star would weigh as much as the earth. Consider that A neutron star only 7 miles across would have a mass equivalent to our Sun. Lyall Watson said: “There is proportionally as much empty space inside the Atom as there is in the Universe.”

Neutron Star

NASA photo of a neutron star (pulsar) in the center of the gold

So, if you squeezed the empty space out of your atoms, the remainder would be an infinitesimally small speck of matter.

Now take a moment and pat your head, and now your forearm, and take a good look at that forearm. If there’s no matter there, what is it? What are you?

The only logical conclusion from a scientific standpoint would be that you are an electromagnetic/nuclear force field giving the impression of a solid. There is nothing else there of any consequence, just an energy field. It’s the same energy that makes up the sun and all the other stars. It’s the same energy that makes up the moon and the earth rocks, and the oceans, and your dog, Bowser. Watson (1) says: “We are the hollow men and our insubstantial bodies are strung together with electromagnetic and nuclear forces that do no more than create the illusion of matter.”

So what’s the difference between you and the chair you’re sitting in? I propose there is a Life Force that organizes energy into form. A Life Force that makes you -you, and me -me. “The only real difference is that the atoms of life are organized.” Watson (1)

So maybe we are not an illusion, but we are certainly different than we seem.


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